Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Day 1158 - Shoesday Tuesday

foot wearing Santa Claus applique furry glitter sequins ankle boot
Shoes: Irregular Choice The Kringles

What's this? Surely not a new blog post...yes, it is!  I think the last time I blogged here was in summer when I was going through all the Family Reunion collection from May.  It's been a bit of a tough year to manage blogging and everyday stuff, so unfortunately it's fallen by the wayside.  My poor wee blog has forgotten who I am!  I have been keeping up with the #365daysofIrregularChoice challenge on Instagram (well, not quite keeping up, but getting there), so if you're in need of a daily dose of shoe wearing, that's where to hit me up.  300+ items to ogle so far!  I'm realising that we're nearing the end of the year, so I can now grab all the good stuff that I was saving in the hope of getting to wear them for real, but instead I'll probably only be wearing my festive pairs outside now.  Which brings me to this post and I added another couple of pairs to my IC Christmas stash this year.  These are the pair I was most taken with, they are just so, so gorgeous, even better in the flesh than I was expecting.  Last year we were treated to the Ginger's House ankle boot and I really enjoyed having something slightly more casual to choose from.  I have 4 pairs of Santa heels, along with the snow globes from last year, so the boots in comparison were really 'wearable'.  This pair are a bit more, well a lot more glitzy, the gold sequins is dazzling.  Blindingly bright.  They flip to a less shiny silver on the other side if you so wish.  The red glitter parts actually have sporadic tiny gold stars in.  These stars are super pretty, but shed very easily.  I keep catching something glistening on the carpet and find it's another fallen star! 
One boot features an applique Santa Claus, with Mrs Claus on the other.  These are the same characters we were first introduced to on the likes of the flashing Mr & Mrs Clause shoes.  They are seriously adorable.  I remember taking a picture of the stickers of them in the Manchester window last year and my sister still wishes she could get them for real!  We see a little further down than we have previously (usually it's just their heads and/or tops of their shoulders), so for example you get a shiny patent belt on Santa and their white cuffs on their velveteen outfits.  Their hats stick upwards from the top of the boot, kind of winding around the back of the ankle and both have large white pom poms on the end, which provides a cool look I think, even when viewing from behind and therefore not knowing that it's from a Santa hat at that point. 

Size wise, they are quite similar to Ginger's House in that I find them a little roomy, so they can easily be worn with socks (I had socks and tights on here).  I don't think they are big enough to completely size down, but if you're between sizes, you'll be safer buying the smaller size.  I didn't find them as restrictive around the ankle as GH.  I actually quickly tried on GH, as they were sitting out and the first thing I noted was the ankle (it's by no means tight, just feels quite restrictive) and looking back at posts from last year, I said the same thing.  I also wasn't aware of any rubbing anywhere (I usually get it at the outer side), but it's hard to tell when you're wearing tights or socks.

I really, really love these.  I was a bit miffed at the lack of higher heels in this collection after so many festive themed shoes had already launched with low/mid heels and while these are just a half inch or so lower than I'd like, I can definitely live with it.  I'm really glad I got them, I just have to force myself to rotate all my Christmas shoes and not choose these to wear all Christmas! Oh and the white fur on their hats, OMG, sooooo soft, seriously it's awesome.  Santa's beard, meh, it's more woolly, hats, softest fur ever.     

Wearing: Tartan tights old, striped sparkly socks, gift from my Mum back from her holidays!
Fit: 3 1/2" heel, full length zip.  A little roomy, though probably not enough to size down.  If between sizes, take the smaller. 
Comfort:  Comfortable heel, zip can be stiff (more so off the foot than on), haven't noted any rubbing anywhere yet.   tilted foot wearing Christmas Mrs Claus themed ankle boots and festive tartan tightsfront legs wearing red tartan tights and Christmas themed ankle bootsback view of legs wearing tartan tights and gold sequins ankle boots with white fluffy pom pomsstanding wearing tartan tights and Santa Claus ankle boot with back leg lifted shoefie wearing striped glitter socks and gold sequin ankle boots with red glitter toeswearing tartan tights, glitter striped socks and gold sequins ankle boots with red glitter and gold starswearing tartan tights, glitter socks and Mrs Claus ankle bootclose up of Mrs Claus gold sequins and red glitter ankle bootlegs on floor wearing tartan tights and Mr & Mrs Claus ankle bootshand holding red and gold festive themed ankle boot with Santa Claus applique face with shoe shelves in backgroundhand holding red and gold festive themed ankle boot with Mrs Claus applique face with shoe shelves in background

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