Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Day 1128 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice light up Christmas shoes
Shoes: Mr & Mrs Clause Irregular Choice 

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!  I took a little break from blogging and social media over the past few weeks, because there was so much going on in the run up to Christmas that I couldn't manage it all.  As usual, it all felt a bit of a chore and rushed in the end, then my sister was sent home from work with the flu, which really threw our usual traditions and plans.  She's been really ill with it.  She's back at work now, after having to take 3 weeks off, but is struggling.  She's really weak and finding it hard to stand all day and walk the distances she used to.  I can sympathise!  Sitting on hard backed chairs for meals, wearing makeup and getting dressed and wrapping presents are all things that have hit me hard over the festive period.  They may seem like 'little' things, but a few days on, I'm still in pain from our meal on New Years Day.  All this activity though means I do have a few outfit posts for you. 
I really hate the lack of lighting this time of year.  The sun is always going down or gone by the time I get ready and it's too dark for decent shots.  So I've had to reenact some when I felt up to it (some of the shoe shots for this post, seemed to miss those on the day).  I've managed to wear my new Christmas shoes a few times, which is good as I wasn't sure I'd get much opportunity this year (likewise the gingerbread house bag).  This was their second outing, on Christmas Eve for the Christingle service at church.  I prefer the service at midnight, but it's easier to go to the earlier one in the wheelchair when the buses are still running and unfortunately I can't manage both now.  I wore my Alpine print dress that I wore last year on Christmas-I didn't think it would still fit as I've lost weight since then.  I had a chuckle looking back those photos because this belt is now in the tightest hole and I notice I had 2 to spare last time.  The funny thing is, when I first got it, I had to punch an extra hole in it because it was far too small.  It takes something like that for me to realise just how much my body has changed over the past couple of years, because otherwise I'm a bit clueless.  The dress is a little roomy, but the belt saved it.  If I remember, last time, it was still quite snug in the chest area.

It's such a lovely print and I just wish LB still used cotton fabrics like this as I hate their "matte" (aka shiny) stretch poly.  The current Alpine (Vivi) print is utterly gorgeous, but again, argh the shiny stuff!! Plus I looked like a sack of tatties in their Vivi Central Park design from a couple of years ago.  Such a pity as that print was one of the prettiest I've ever seen.  The waist sat just under my bust, the neckline opened all the way down, the thick shiny fabric added unwanted bulk around my hips, it was just hideous on me.  I still love their prints, but haven't shopped there all last year because of the shiny stuff and the often weird sizing.  I teamed it with my Hell Bunny cardi that I wore it with last year.  It's rare I wear red, but I really like it.  The satin applique detail on the back is just gorgeous.  My freshly dyed hair (yellow!!) was in pin curls, so I tied it up in this scarf, which is currently my favourite as it's so massive.  I've been pretty lazy with my headwraps lately, always doing the same thing, but my hands just tried out something else and I really liked the result, so left it like that.  The tights are my new fave things right now.  They are metallic fishnets in vertical rainbow stripes, which you can't really see in all the photos, but they are really gorgeous and go up to my waist and fit my hips (pretty stretchy tbh), yay!  A bargain in the sale and I think I'll have to order a backup as I like them so much. I've realised it's impossible for me to get both shoes flashing at once in a photo, I can only do one at a time and even then it takes a few attempts!  The lights are mega impressive, they flash so brightly, I love it.  Do you like this festive look?

Wearing:  Alpine print Gilda dress Lindy Bop (old), red Noelle cardigan Hell Bunny (old), red patent belt gift (old), zebra print scarf H&M (current), multi coloured fishnet tights ASOS (current), clip on earrings Mawi for ASOS (old), gingerbread House Party handbag Irregular Choice (current), snowman fluffy keyring gift (old).
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and small concealed platform. A little roomy, so I wouldn't size up.
Comfort: Love this heel to walk on, very comfortable. ootd wearing lindy bop gilda alpine dress, hell bunny red noelle cardigan, irregular choice house party bag and Mr & Mrs Clause shoesfotd selfie with headwrap yellow hair and gold makeupme holding up Irregular Choice gingerbread house bag to faceback view wearing Hell Bunny Noelle cardigan with satin deer applique detailflatlay of Hell Bunny red Noelle festive cardigan with satin deer and robin design on backwearing Irregular Choice Christmas shoes with festive handbag and metallic fishnet tightsflatlay Lindy Bop Gilda dress print, Irregular Choice light up shoe and festive handbag with snowman pom pom keyringview from above of Lindy Bop Alpine print dress, fishnet tights and Irregular Choice light up Christmas shoesfront view wearing glitter applique Santa and Mrs Claus shoes with glitter fishnet tights
wearing sparkly fishnet tights with glitter Christmas shoes flashing light shoes with Santa and Mrs Clause applique toeswearing shimmering fishnets and shoes with Santa character heels

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