Friday, 26 November 2010

Day Three Hundred & Forty One - Dancing In The Moonlight

Shoes: Black and gold 'Moonlight' peep toes Miss L Fire

Yesterday, I had to pick my most 'sensible' shoes considering I was walking alone and it had been icy earlier. I was struggling, but this is what I came up with! Apologies for the bad photos, but it was so dark by the time I got home, this is all I could salvage. I pretty much wore an all black outfit with little splashes of colour here and there (most notably my scarf) and my nail polish. It's Eyeko Punk and is bright, neon pink, it looked so cool with peep toes, although it's completely washed out in this photo, soz : (

Wearing: Black and green print dress with long sleeved top underneath (dress hangs open at the back), black modified stirrup leggings, black coat all Primark, black hat (gift) with unicorn brooch Miss Selfridge, velvet bow ring also Miss S, unicorn cameo ring Topshop, kitsch pendant ASOS, Giles Deacon For Cadbury scarf, black faux fur bag with brooch Debenhams and black long, knitted, fingerless gloves (unknown), yep you've guessed it was freezing!
Fit: True to size, 3 3/4" heel.
Comfort: These have been known to rub at the heel before, so I was prepared with leggings that covered my heel. They didn't bother me yesterday and a very, very small heel for me!

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  1. This is awesome!!!
    Black & Gold is such a party combo!!!
    Just came across your blog via 'Shoeperwoman' and so happy to find you!!!
    Do drop by mine sometime!!!
    Fashion Panache - My 4" heels


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