Friday, 26 November 2010

Day Three Hundred & Forty - Kandice Love

Shoes: Black Kandice platforms Harajuku Lovers

On Wednesday I tried on these shoes, although I didn't go anywhere in them. You won't have seen them here before, because they are new-ish, bought a couple of months ago. I always say it's really difficult to buy US made shoes in the UK, when you don't know if the retailer has taken into account that a UK size 5 for example falls between a US 7 and 8. I find for this brand, I need an 8, so ordered a size up (UK6) and it turns out they sent a US9, so they are too large for me! The shop I bought from didn't have a smaller size anyway, so it couldn't be helped and they're just so cute I don't want to sell them (plus it's really hard to find HL shoes here)! As they're so heavy it's difficult to keep them on my feet when walking, so I'll need insoles and heel grips I think, anything to make them fit!

Wearing: No outfit post, tights are Miss Selfridge, brand new on and I stuck my thumb through the top and ripped them! Fabulous!
Fit: Obviously this style was bought too large, but I'd guess they run true to size. Staggering 6" cork heel and 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort: I can't comment considering I've never worn them anywhere yet! Your calves will ache with this heel height though.

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