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Day 1253 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Looney Tunes Saturday Morning
Shoes: Saturday Morning | Irregular Choice (Looney Tunes) 

I have another high heel for you this week, after my Vivienne Westwood tartan shoes last time. Irregular Choice just launched their Looney Tunes collection and loving this new character heel, I ordered a couple of pairs intending to keep just one (it came in this ankle boot or two colourways of a court shoe). The pair I have today are definitely my favourite of the two, so let's start with them. This style is exclusive to IC, so only available online from their website and from their Brighton store (the only one left in the UK currently). Firstly, I adore their name, "Saturday Morning", it brings back memories of watching cartoons when I was little with my sisters.  When I was 12 I started a paper round, so TV had to wait until I got home (I recall rushing home for The Legend Of Prince Valiant). Even as a kid though, I have to admit I got really frustrated with the continual chase and animosity between duos such as Tweety and Sylvester and Tom & Jerry, it tired me out! Anyway, the heel on these is just amazing with a rubbery Tweety Pie figure sitting on a little wooden perch in a cut-out wedge shape with a bumpy, cloudy base. The actual sole of the shoe looks a bit odd as it's very wide, but like all other IC cut-out heels, you feel well supported underfoot and don't notice anything is missing. I think looking at the boot, more so than the shoe, it looks a bit like you're in the starter tracks, all poised and ready to sprint! They have a similar shape to the character heel that launched for the Belle/Beauty And The Beast portion of the Disney Princess line, but I never tried them.  

The uppers on both boots are a deep turquoise suedette with silver star appliques and a bright red glitter and pearlised yellow at the heel. On one foot, you have a Tweety Pie print with Sylvester the cat, wrapping around the top of the boot, which looks like he's reaching to grab Tweety in the heel. The other boot features Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. Bugs sits a lot higher than the boot, but doesn't irritate the leg in the slightest. I didn't even notice it when I was wearing socks and bare legs. My only gripe are these prints. I'm sure I've said it before, but the Disney collections latterly were spoiled for me with these applique prints. I'd much rather they used fabric and embroidery, like they did throughout most of the Looney Tunes collection. For the price, £279, I just don't want to pay for printed characters as they cheapen it. If I'm really honest, in the flesh, it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would, but if they can do it on the £149 shoes, they can do it here. 

The visible sole (underfoot) on the boot is red, but mirrored gold on the shoe. I like the reflective nature of the gold with the clouds and birds showing, but again, I find this material really cheap, so prefer the red shown here. I bought a size 5/38, which is my regular size and found them a little tight across the foot at first (where I usually struggle with IC boots). Upon trying them a second time, they already felt much better. I found my toes curling under more in the shoes, but not as much in the boots. I also weirdly found the boots a lot easier to walk in and more comfortable. I was desperate to take the shoes off as my feet were aching. Your weight is thrust forward, so when walking, your feet want to lift out of the shoe and do so more easily because it's open, whereas the boot keeps your foot in place. I felt like I was bending my knees to compensate in the shoes and it was just really difficult to walk. The boots didn't have the same issues and I could've easily kept them on for longer. You can feel Tweety kind of bobbing about, but it's not a swing-swing, there's little movement in that part, it's actually more the figure flopping about that you feel.  

I like the bold blue with the metallic sheen around the top of the boot and behind the gold glitter toe.  They zip up the back, which I know puts some people off.  It means you can get detail on the inner and outer sides of the boots though.  I didn't have any trouble zipping them up.  I don't think it would be disastrous if you sized up, but I personally would be happy in my regular size.  Next week, I'll share the shoes, sneak peek at the bottom.   

Wearing: Blue tights, Primark (old) and metallic fishnets, New Look (old). 
Fit: 5 1/4" heel and around 1" platform. Centre back zip opening.  A little tight across the foot, fine in length, easy to zip up, went for my usual size 5/38.   
Comfort:  Heel is high, but well supported.  See above for why I find the boot easier to walk in and more comfortable than the shoe version.  
wearing blue suede and gold glitter cloud ankle boots with layered tights
wearing Irregular Choice Saturday Morning boots
wearing Tweety Pie heeled ankle boots with blue uppers
wearing Looney Tunes ankle boots with characters
wearing ankle boots with Tweety Pie character heel wedge
wearing Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck ankle boots
Irregular Choice Looney Tunes Saturday Morning boots
close up of Bugs bunny and Daffy Duck on side of ankle boot with shoe shelves in background
close up of applique characters Sylvester and Tweety Pie on side of ankle boot
close up of Tweety Pie character wedge heel on swing
side view of Tweety Pie on swing character heel on ankle boot
close up of cloud platform and gold glitter toe on boot
painted soles with Looney Tunes characters
Irregular Choice Looney Tunes character heels

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