Monday, 19 April 2010

Day One Hundred & Ninety Four - Where's Spring gone?

After what's been a really clear and sunny few days, it's dull and looks like it could rain any second today. Actually when I got up this morning, it was hailstones for a short time! I had good intentions of getting properly dressed and going out today, but now can't be bothered. I've got plenty of things to be getting on with indoors. Like trying to figure out how I can get money to pay for all the shoes I'm lusting after right now!
Black patent peep toe shoe-boots with white piping detail Matalan


  1. oeh cool with the blue toenails!

    So...what's your shortlist of shoe-lust at the moment?

    I have just the 1 that's really serious, which are the IC Iced Gem Abigail ones from Schuh...more so now that I have the blue Primark dress you got for me! They're totally made to be together hah! But I'm feeling a bit of shoe-buying guilt because I've brought quite a few these last few months (about 1 pair a month, sometimes 2!) and I'll be having the Jeffrey Campbell ones coming (OMG another month to go! craziness...can't believe I can stay calm, I've looked at the pictures about a million times lol) which meant I totally blew my budget this month so I shouldn't buy anything at all next month...seriously, people like us should get more money so we don't to think about if we can afford the shoes we want or not lol...see I COULD wait an extra month to buy the IC shoes...but I don't want to lol

    *feeling a bit tortured by all the pretty shoes* ;)

  2. Hi Marlein! The abigails are very pretty...I'm still lusting after Once In Love, floral Kim Oh No and Making Moves...then I really like the black spotty Pep In Your Step, Fantasy Flower and Itsy Bitsy Betsy (kidding myself that I can afford them all!)

    However it's River Island shoes that I want even more than IC just now, I saw a pair of sandals in a magazine months ago and have been praying they'd get them online and now they have-I have no money! They are by the Design Forum (can't post the link here) and are cream and turquoise with a bow and leopard print heel-they could make me cry they're so pretty! However they're £84.99 and I also like the £74.99 ankle boot, peep toe shoe thing with a stripey bow on the front!! I'm thinking they are both top of my list because they will sell out fast, whereas most of the IC's I like are already sold out in my size anayway. I can't stop thinking about the RI shoes and keep 'adding them to my basket' to check they still have them like 5 times a day! It's sad!

    I'm going to try and find some more stuff to sell on ebay and hopefully make some money from that-although that will still take a couple of weeks and I need the money now! There's also a pair of Harajuku Lovers sales shoes I spotted yesterday and I've always wanted to own a pair of HL's!


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