Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day One Hundred & Eighty Five - Magic Mushroom

I just got these shoes yesterday. I know this mushroom court has been a very popular style from Irregular Choice for many years. Currently, I'm trying to only get shoes that I really, really adore though and I was just a little disappointed with these. They look lovely, I'm just not keen on them on me, so think I'll be selling them. I'm trying to go on a strict no-buy for a month or so until I pay for all the stuff I've bought recently. Cue depression!
Black 'Magic Mushroom' courts Irregular Choice


  1. OMG I love these!! If I had money I would wear them 24/7 xx

  2. thanks for your comment xladx, putting them up on ebay soon-so look out for them!

  3. I have them in a size 4, if anyone is interested?


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