Monday, 19 April 2010

Day One Hundred & Ninety Three - Up or Down

My auntie and uncle visited yesterday and I haven't seen them for a year as they live on the Isle of Wight. My nephews also came out, so it was pandemonium. I can't lift my arm above my waist without severe pain caused by lifting my nephew onto a wall on Saturday, repeatedly! Ouch! Anyway, I thought rather than leave you pictureless (although technically I did seeing as I only uploaded it today), I have worn my boots with the top folded down. You saw them in winter as over the knee boots, so this is actually how they are supposed to be worn. Seeing as I won't make it to another winter on The Shoe Girl Diaries, I thought I'd show this image even if I didn't wear them yesterday.
Wine knee high wedge boots New Look

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