Sunday, 25 April 2010

Day Two Hundred - Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear The Shoe Girl Diaries, happy birthday to you!! Woohoo, Day 200 is finally here. What can I say? I never, ever thought I owned 200 pairs of shoes (quite scary) or that I could continue the challenge of wearing a different pair every day and only once. There have been moments that I've been tempted to cheat or didn't quite feel like wearing that old style that I no longer loved, but I've kept true to the challenge! If I've brought a smile to your face at least once throughout the 200 days, then it's been worth it. I adore my shoes and I'm happy to share them with the rest of the world through this blog. To commemorate this massive milestone the celebrations will continue throughout next week with an interview, where I answer everything you ever wanted to know about the challenge and maybe a sneak peep of the glorious shoes still to come. Yes, they're still more! So grab a cupcake (mine is the after-eight choc mint, thanks!) and take a look at the fab party shoes I'm wearing today.
Green sequin 'Dolly' court shoes with bow KG by Kurt Geiger, star net tights Primark


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY , ive been following for months now with envy ! i cant believe you did it ! well done xx i cant wait to a picture of the whole collection xxx

  2. yaaaaaaaaay congratulations on making it to day 200! Amazing! Keep it up! I love seeing all your shoes :)


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