Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day 833 - Don't Let What They Say Keep You Up At Night

Shoes: Nude satin 'Bailey' KG by Kurt Geiger 

Hello! This is my outfit from yesterday, featuring a new pair of shoes (although I've had them since last year). They are really rather stunning, much prettier on than I expected and there's a little leather bow across the toe and different shaped flower adornments. The nude satin lends itself to being a 'dressier' type of shoe, so I added the cardigan to make it a bit more casual for everyday. This is another item I've had for a while but never quite known what to wear it with. I took a couple of sizes down and even then it still feels quite roomy (although that's how it's supposed to be), the sleeves are shorter but wide which I'm not keen on. I'd much rather they were fitted as they just sit there rather limply. The dress is one of my favourites, the skirt is so full and flirty and it has a really defined waist and well the kissing birds are adorable!

Wearing: Kissing bird print dress, black leggings and coat Primark, clover cardigan Swan by Clements Ribeiro, black belt Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: True to size, 4 3/4" heel.
Comfort: Quite high, but they didn't rub anywhere, not bad for a first outing.


  1. Love how you've caught the shadow on the last pic! Cute dress and love that cardi. :)


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