Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 847 - You Got The Wrong Song Coming Through Your Speakers

Shoes: Grey brocade thigh high 'Teena' boots River Island 

Hello peeps! For some reason ever since I bought this dress, I've wanted to wear it with these boots. I just liked the idea. For various reasons (the biggest being you can barely sit in these boots as the knees are difficult to bend), I haven't worn them together. Until today. It was pretty grey outside, but dry on the ground (despite the snow flurries all day), so I figure 'wear your highest heels when the opportunity arises' you know! I'm starting to picture rolling Easter eggs in the snow...don't laugh, it's very close to becoming reality! For my Monster High Monday makeup I'm wearing today head over to Pink Haired Princess, can you guess which dolly I am? Oh and I've been trying to capture the back of these boots (where the full length zip is), but the only way that didn't look stupid was by taking a photo in the mirror, hence the not so sharp image today (I've included an extra below).    

Wearing: Pansy 'Betty' dress and wine belt Swan by Clements Ribeiro.  
Fit: True to size, elasticated section and full length zip. 5" heel and 1" platform.
Comfort: A little rigid at first (especially when sitting or walking up/down stairs) but after 10 minutes or so, they get a little more flexible. No other issues.


  1. Oh those boots are gorgeous! They look fab with that dress too! Xx

    1. I love them, they are difficult to bend in though!

  2. wow, those boots look amazing on you.

  3. WOW love these boots! This is the only look Ive felt like wearing lately, big boots with pretty dresses, I think you have definitely influence me x


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