Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 835 - Here In The Darkness I Know Myself

Shoes: Black suede 'Joan' KG by Kurt Geiger

Hello my lovelies! It was quite cloudy today, although it felt spring-like. My outfit was built around my makeup for Monster High Monday which involved bright green eyes and an orangey red, bold lip. Not colours I would normally pair together, but for the sake of the challenge, I figured wearing a bright red dress would at least half match! Sadly the tights, as comfortable as they were (for once they actually fitted me and went up around my waist) ripped when I sat down for lunch and the hole got progressively bigger throughout the day, so they'll be binned tonight! Had it not been for the fact I took a break from eBay, these shoes would have been long gone. I got them last year after eyeing them for months and then they didn't fit. After several attempts, I did get my feet in them, but they felt far too small, so I was going to sell them next time I was eBaying. Today I randomly decided to try them on and I think these tights helped as my feet slipped straight in, although it's a snug fit. I can't decide whether or not to keep them now!

Wearing: Red floral tea dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, black bow tights and coat Primark, 'Mischief' sunglasses Irregular Choice.
Fit: Small and narrow fitting, buckle fastening. 5 3/4" heel and 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort: Actually ok, although my pace was slower and I took smaller steps. I think so long as you concentrate on where you're walking (avoiding stones and uneven surfaces) you should be fine.


  1. Oooh I love the jewels on these shoes.

    1. yes that's what attracted me to them : )


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