Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day 838 - Oh The Truth Hurts And Lies Worse

Shoes: Black 'Toad In the Hole' Irregular Choice 

Oh my goodness, what a nightmare few days it's been! I stayed in my jammies for three days because I was busy getting stuck back into eBay. Something I really wasn't keen on, especially as I was completely revamping my listings and starting from scratch (forgot how long it took to prepare), but needs must. Anyhoo, on Sunday we got snow. Like proper snow. In March. Whaaaat? I'd say it's the worst we've had all winter and it got even worse overnight. I had a migraine during the day, took a pill for that, then conked out because the side effects of the medication left me knackered and I didn't have the strength to fight it. I then woke with a complete panic that I hadn't done any eBay, so stressed myself for the rest of the night doing that. So of course I couldn't sleep that night as I wasn't tired (I got about an hour all night) and I kept creeping out of my cosy bed to check the weather situation. One minute it looked as it had earlier then 10 minutes later it was a complete white-out. Even the next day it snowed on and off the entire time and in the morning we had a terrible blizzard which covered what had started clearing! I stupidly decided that I should go out, considering I'd been cooped up since Wednesday.  I figured because it was 'deep snow' it would be easy enough to walk on. The sun was out though so the snow had started to melt, but it was freezing (literally) and the pavements were covered in hard, compacted mounds of ice. After getting down the front path fine (because my Dad had cleared it), I took three steps then got stuck, my walking stick had no grip whatsoever and it was slippy all around me. I just stood there pathetically and didn't really know where best to move to! So I very slowly made my way to the road and decided I'd rather be run over than fall in the ice! Joking aside, the other side of the pavement was actually mostly dry, although I still walked like an 80 year old with hip problems! I only ventured along the road a little more until I encountered more ice, so turned back. I was soo glad to get home, it's horrid when it's like that outside. I don't even have any 'snow' pictures for you of how bad it was because I forgot to take any.  Anyway, I didn't break anything, my 'sensible' boots were of absolutely no help to me (but then what would in pure ice?) and it was out with The Beast today to tackle the remaining ice residue! I thought I was done with these boots until next winter!!

Wearing: Spotty dress H by Henry Holland, black leggings Primark.
Fit: True to size, inside zip, so no need to undo all the laces. Heel 4 3/4" and platform 1 3/4".
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. I uber wish I could have those boots! But they run small, I bet. I'm mainly a 12 and can fit select 11s, so they'd have to be either true-to-size or run a tad big or so. I digress, though~

    Love the look. Shoes + ice = never mix, haha. Not that I've tried before or anything... :x

    1. No, they are actually very roomy! Not at all narrow and generous in length too. Give 'em a try if you ever find them ; )


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