Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 836 - Live Your Dreams, It's Not As Hard As It May Seem

Shoes: Embellished suede courts Miu Miu 

I was having an off-day today (really irritable) and just didn't feel or look comfortable in anything. I was originally wearing a dress I bought last week, but had a wee strop (we all have one of them every so often don't we?) so decided on something else (although still felt hideously 'booby' in this too)! This dress has never been worn before either though. My Mum picked it up for me when she was on holiday last summer as it had sold out in my size in our nearest Debenhams when it had gone into the sale. It has a cut-out section in the back bodice with little bows, but I couldn't figure out how I'd photograph that (!) so you'll just have to take my word for it! I have to tell you what happened on my walk today...I used to be so terrified of dogs that I crossed to the other side when I saw one coming, but I'm slightly better now. So this woman and child were coming towards me with a dog each. The wee girl passed me, fine, the woman though, I could just tell her dog was going to do something as she didn't have it on a short lead or make any motion to keep it out of my way. I went to the outside of the pavement while it was on the inside on the grass, next thing it spied me and bam, pounced at my feet! Yikes! Even although I was wearing sunglasses, I totally gave the woman the evils! I wanted to yell "these are Miu Miu's don't you know!!" "and suede!...Keep your fluffy mutt off them"!!

Wearing: Spotty dress H By Henry Holland, suede leggings and floral coat Primark, swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, earrings Mawi, shoe scarf gift.
Fit: True to size, if anything, a little long. Heel 4 1/2".
Comfort: No issues.


  1. Do you literally get completely dolled up everyday, and go on a little walk, JUST for your website?! If you do, hats off to you cause that's some serious dedication right there. I think you look lovely and not 'booby' at all. Your hair is amaaa-zing.

    1. Yes! Well kinda. I've got M.E., so can't work and it helps fill my day if I can get dressed up. I can only manage a very short walk, it's literally half way along my street and back again (probably takes me 5-10 mins), so it can seem strange sometimes to bother even getting dressed for that, but it makes me feel good. I'll have the odd day every so often where I'll go shopping or something, but I'm mainly just in the house day to day. Thanks about the hair...it's like a wee frizz-ball today, hazzard of the misty weather!

  2. What pretty little shoes and the dress sounds lovely at the back :)


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