Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 844 - I've Got My Heart Set On Anywhere But Here

Shoes: Black suede 'Diamontina' Irregular Choice 

I decided to try something different with these boots today.  Usually the ties are in a bow at the back and are as short as I can make them, so they don't drag on the ground.  Today though I untied them and double knotted them at the front instead.  It looked pretty cool because the tassels hung at the front and you already have the diamond shaped heel for interest at the back and nothing normally at the front, so it was a pleasant change.  Other than that it's not a very exciting outfit, I was uninspired today (probably a result of the weather)!  I woke to snow yet again this morning, although it cleared by the time I popped out.  It's kinda getting depressing though.

Wearing: Grey leopard print dress and black tights Primark, belt gift.
Fit: True to size. Kinda difficult to measure this heel, but to the first point it's 5".
Comfort: Really comfy and you definitely don't feel like this is a 5" heel, easy to walk in too.


  1. I love the diamontina boots. The heel is mad & they are a lot more comfortable than you would think. I've got the black suede cowboy boot version. I do so love that leopard dress.

    1. me too, I'm so pleased I splurged on them.


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