Friday, 11 March 2011

Day Three Hundred & Ninety Four - Kapow!

Shoes: 'Electrica Love' ankle boots Heatherette Loves Irregular Choice

I fully intended to post something yesterday and got half dressed for going out then realised there was a mini storm going on outside! It's been so windy this week, but this was like 'blow you off your feet' wind combined with rain or sleet or something and I figured there was no point, so I just stayed in! It's freezing today and apparently we're getting snow this weekend....nooooo! I thought we were into spring now, no? I know some areas of Scotland have already had snow this week, but here we haven't seen the white stuff since early January and although it's not unusual for us to get snow in March, I figured with the early start it had at the end of last year and the volume we had, it was going easy on us this year! I may have to break out the winter boots this weekend, we'll see!

Wearing: Extreme boobage in this dress, hence the lack of photos above the waist!! However I covered up with a cardi, both Primark along with the leggings.
Fit: These boots are so difficult to zip up, you need like 4 hands! I eventually managed and once on, they're not too tight actually. They could do with being a little bit bigger, maybe a half size. 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: I felt them rubbing the top of one of my toes only on one foot! The length and shape of toe means your toes aren't squished at the end which I like though. Really easy to walk in.


  1. Wow it's pretty rare to have
    snow in this season o:
    I'm longing for Summer too much!


    Darn, those neon colors are hootttt
    I love it ^^


  2. reaally wish i had purchased those boots when i had the chance! you look lovely :)

  3. Ice Pandora-we managed to avoid it! Although my friend lives in rural Aberdeenshire and it snowed all weekend!

    Emma-thank you!

    Char-thanks : )


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