Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & One - I Wonder

Shoes: River Island 'Guest Wonder' black mules with leopard bow & heel

I've given you an extra shoe pic today, so you can see the leopard print heel on these. The bright pink trim really 'make' these shoes. Surprisingly they are very comfortable and easy to wear. I'm saying that because I'm almost crippled in my 'design forum' bow sandals which feature an identical heel. Not only that, mules are notoriously difficult to walk in, you have nothing keeping your foot inside the shoe and often resort to that scrunched toe effect to stop them slipping off. I'm happy to report no such issues with these though-perhaps the mule has moved on from my early 90's memories!

Wearing: Black leggings, sheer pink + black floral dress ASOS Curve.
Fit: 4 3/4" heel, true to size.
Comfort: Can't speak for wearing them for a long time, but I had no issues with walking or comfort.


  1. You have such unique style. I love it!! Do you have any Kron by Kron Kron shoes?? they totally fit your style. I'm saving up for a pair but it's so hard to save up for a pair when I see another pair I like and buy those. haha


  2. Thank you! No I don't have a pair and I know what you mean, it's difficult to 'lose' out on other pairs while saving for a more expensive pair. I always see far too many styles I want and struggle to narrow it down!


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