Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Day Three Hundred & Ninety Five - Hello!

Shoes: Black croc 'Florence' lace-ups Irregular Choice

I'm back, sorry for the unexpected break! Well, it's due to an entirely miserable weekend. We didn't get any snow, instead we got rain, all day and all night for 4 days now, it's ridiculous! So I've avoided going out, although I had a doctors appointment today so had to! Although the hospital is relatively near by, I didn't want to get soaked sitting in the wheelchair, so we 'walked' and took the bus. The problem is, the only bus that got us there on time was a circular and technically we wanted to go backwards one stop, which you can't do obviously, so we had to go all around the town and the bus was stinking of pee! Nice! Anyway, I walked back home and that was pretty impressive for me, as I really struggle with any sort of distance. I'm sore already though! So these were my sensible shoes for rain and walking-quite difficult to find a pair in my collection that aren't suede like or fabric!

Wearing: I don't know why I decided on a bold purple eye when I wore this dress, the whole 'dressing for the rain' thing baffled me! In my defence I chose the eye makeup first, then changed my mind about what to wear. Floral dress, black leggings and cardi Primark.
Fit: These are marked a US 7.5 and fit fine. 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: Very comfy and easy to walk in, so I picked well!

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  1. i think i like this pair, there is a pair of green ones on ebay which i think are the same, which i am watching...
    i love the dress too :)


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