Monday, 21 March 2011

Day Four Hundred - Whoop Di Doo!

Shoes: Prada tri-colour suede t-bar sandals

These are another pair that you've never seen before, my most recent addition if I remember correctly. This is my second pair from the Prada SS08 collection of which I loved the footwear. I'm permanently on the hunt for the carved flower heel pairs!! One day I'll find them for the right price! The heel on these is pretty cool actually, so I've photographed that below, because when I'm wearing them you don't notice it. It's another lovely day today, so the perfect opportunity to wear peep toes or open toes for a change.

Wearing: Purple floral silk wrap over dress New Look, black slip and leggings, hairband gift, sunglasses Primark.
Fit: true to size, elasticated strap, 4 1/2" heel and very small platform.
Comfort: The bar across the toes may rub after a while, but otherwise no problems and easy walkers!


  1. These shoes are gorgeous! I haven't seen these before, but I'm also totally in love with the Fairy collection by Prada. Good luck to you for finding some more on Ebay! I'm also "hunting" for them, but luckily we're not the same shoe size ;)

  2. Love the heel! And good job on the outfit, perfect match with the dress and shoes! :)

  3. funky heel, i hate my toes though so i don't think i could manage to show off so much toe in them!!

  4. shoeloving-yeah it was such a great collection, I love the black and gold shoe/ankle boot ones with the frill. I missed out on them a few years back and have been searching for them ever since.

    Marlein-I actually had another dress that was an even better match, but wasn't comfortable in it.

    Char-on the runway they wore them with thick tights of which I have a pair, although I don't think I'd ever wear them together!

  5. I managed to get a pair of those black/gold pumps with ankle cuff on Ebay and even have seen them for sale there several times after that too, so don't give up!


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