Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Six - Rock On

Shoes: Yellow 'Rocko' Irregular Choice

If you hadn't noticed I'm having trouble with blogger! Those last couple of posts are all messed up and I can't stand an untidy blog! It's not accepting the 'return' button as a new line or paragraph and so I tried using html (which FYI, I hate having to use as it just takes that much longer) but now it's doing the opposite and giving me massive spaces between each paragraph! It looks exactly how I want it when I'm typing then when I post, it jumbles it up. I hope they rectify it soon and this isn't the new format because it's peeing me off! Also annoying me is my hair, I can't tell you how desperate I am to be able to wear my hair styled and uncovered. It's sooo gross right now, it's dark brown at the roots, then yellow, then pale pink, then bright pink ends. I've almost forgotten how my hair looks as it's chucked up in a scarf every day. I'm sure my neighbours are wondering what's going on under my scarves and hats!

Wearing: Floral dress Florence & Fred at Tesco, black leggings and scarf Primark, bow cardi New Look. Fit: A little roomy, if you're between sizes opt for the smaller (don't think I've ever said that with IC before!). Almost 4" heel. Comfort: Easy walkers and relatively comfy (sometimes I find the uppers rub the top of my toes on one foot).

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  1. i love this pair, i find them so cheerful and comfortable! :)


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