Monday, 28 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Six - How Refreshing

Shoes: Kandee 'Refresher' wedges in turquoise and yellow suede

Hello! This is yesterdays post, I did manage out for a quick walk in between all the eBay stuff I had going on. I haven't managed to even get dressed properly today though, soooo many parcels to package up and messages to send, it's been non-stop. I hope I remember the shoe info correctly here, I may have to double check my measurements tomorrow! I didn't think I had an outfit which would perfectly match these wedges, but then I found this dress with both colours in it. The dress is super large on me though, guess that weight loss is making a difference (to some dresses anyway)!

Wearing: Cream floral dress, Florence & Fred Tesco, black leggings Primark and black belt Dorothy Perkins. Fit: Very narrow in the toe, you need a full size up in these. 5 3/4" wedge heel and 1 3/4" platform. Comfort: I did find (on one foot, my larger foot actually) that the shoe slipped off when walking which was quite annoying. Other than that, they are easy to walk in with a large solid base.


  1. love love love the shoes... I've been searching for a pair of wedges but have yet to be blown away by anything i've seen so far. The shoes match your fingernails perfectly. Selling any shoes soon? =]

  2. this outfit is lovely, the kandee brand is great for fab bright colours, isn't it?!


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