Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day Three Hundred & Ninety Three - Hard To Swallow

Shoes: Pink swallow mary-janes Shoesone

We had a bit of an accident yesterday-I say 'we' but mean 'Mum'! She was tidying up and pulled out a piece of furniture which pulled out the plug from the wall attached to the computer right when I was in the middle of editing photos and on the internet! When she put the power back on, I restarted everything and the screen wouldn't come on. Needless to say I was fuming and have been sulking like a 3 year old ever since! We're back up and running today though, albeit a little late-phew! I'm not a gadget girl at all, but I really rely on the internet and computer!

Wearing: Decided to go all out Miu Miu inspired! Swallow print swing dress Matalan, grey stirrup leggings and sunglasses Primark. Hair an absolute nightmare as I washed it without conditioning in preparation for colouring my hair and I've never had time to do it, so it's a mess!
Fit: I needed a size larger in these, buckle strap is adjustable. Platform around 1 1/4" and block heel 4 3/4".
Comfort: A really solid base to walk on, toes feel a little crushed or numb after a while.


  1. love the swallow theme, keep thinking i should get that dress, but i'm not sure if the length would suit me..

  2. I ordered a few dresses online but this was the only one that suited me. It's very swingy!


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