Monday, 7 March 2011

Day Three Hundred & Ninety Two - To Swoon

Shoes: ASOS Premium tie dye Primavera platform courts

The flash obviously washed out the colour of my face in these images because I had been despairing earlier at how tanned I looked despite my foundation being super light (it seemed to oxidize today). However I'm actually the colour white here, yay (maybe). No explanation for why I look so surprised in the first image! Anyway, I wanted a deepish pink lip to bring together the colour of the shoes because my outfit was a little too winter on top/summer on the bottom. I have a hard time finding dresses that don't look indecent when worn with tights-I have become so reliant on leggings these past few years that it really doesn't matter on the dress length-however I only own a few (all Pearl Lowe I reckon) that are long enough for tights.

Wearing: Pearl Lowe Peacocks pleated dress with lace collar, nude heart tights Primark, To Swoon For lipstick by MAC. Hair a complete mess-pre dye mode!
Fit: 5 3/4" heel and platform varies from 1-1 1/2". These shoes are roughly a half size too small, I tried the size up though and they were too large, so it's best to stick with your regular size and they'll stretch a bit with wear.
Comfort: Ouch! I wore these in the house for an hour before going out and I practically crawled back from my walk! The balls of your feet ache and my arches started to as well. Relatively easy to walk in if you didn't have the pain....maybe with more wear they'll get better.


  1. Love the shoes, and the tights, and the whole outfit - so pretttyy!!:)


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