Friday, 25 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Four - Pretty Peachy

Shoes: Office Vintage collection 'Pentlow Prom' peach patent peep heel and toe

Gee, I seem to be really indecisive today. I pulled out this dress which is slightly longer than usual, below the knee and harder to style. I figured I should take advantage of it and wear tights rather than leggings, so settled with some pin dot ones but then couldn't decide on shoes. Either these bright pink satin Faith platforms or peach patent peep toes from Office (below). I decided on the latter purely because I couldn't be arsed doing up the buckles on the pink pair! Then I didn't feel comfortable and ripped the tights a little (probably a good thing as the tights were horrible to photograph), so changed into leggings. They kinda give the dress an artsy feel and I quite liked it in the end. Yes, I resemble Carmen Miranda in the face pics, that's what I get for standing in front of my Mums fruit wreath with a scarf on my head!

Wearing: Black floral and spotty midi dress, black leggings, cardi, sunglasses and cameo headscarf all Primark. The shoe colour is probably most realistic in the 'tights' image below, they are much brighter in real life but the flash has washed out the colour in most pics.
Fit: A little narrow but true to size in length. 3 3/4" heel.
Comfort: The fan detail digs into your foot, more annoying than painful and they can be known to rub a little at the heel and peep toe over time with bare feet.

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