Friday, 18 March 2011

Day Three Hundred & Ninety Eight - I Love You With A Cherry On The Top!

Shoes: River Island pink satin cherry print peep toes with crystals

Sometimes a shoe can look stunning on the shelf but once on they're uncomfortable or don't fit or look quite right. River Island have this uncanny knack though of making shoes that 'feel' good and look good too! It's no secret that these shoes were the poor (wo)man's version of the lust worthy Miu Miu swallow heels, but in reality they are I'm sure just as gorgeous as the 'real' thing. Money doesn't come into it, in my opinion they are stunning, they were sparkling like crazy in the sunshine today and they make me feel great. They're comfortable and have a cute, fat, chunky feel making my feet look tiny, so I couldn't care less if they're high end or high street! Mwah!

Wearing: Black pencil shift dress Asos Curve, black tights, black sunglasses Primark, jewelled hairband gift from my Mum to help cover my roots!
Fit: Surprisingly 5 1/4" heel (doesn't feel too high) and small platform. Two straps with adjustable buckles, true to size.
Comfort: These were tested to their limit last year when I wore them bare foot/legged to a wedding, all day and night and they gave me no issues and they're super easy to walk in.

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