Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day Three Hundred & Ninety Nine - Almost There

Shoes: Kandee 'Bubbly Gum' pale blue and dusky pink courts

How the hell did we get to Day 399 already? It's just flown by. Today are a pair that I haven't featured here before and I'm realising I still have quite a few 'never seen before' pairs actually. I was going to be busy with eBay today, but I lost interest pretty quickly. I couldn't be bothered finding more shoes to sell and the cosmetics have the strictest guidelines on eBay which is extremely irritating. Only being allowed to sell 5 items from a huge range of brands in 30 days is far too tight if you ask me. I know it's supposed to cut-down on fake merchandise, but seriously!

Wearing: Beach print dress Primark, black cardi with white bows New Look and black leggings.
Fit: 4" heel and 3/4" platform, you need to take a full size up in these.
Comfort: Didn't have any issues with these, chunky easy to walk in heel.


  1. I imagine the outfit looked lovely. I want your cardi! I have a serious weakness for bows. I also adore your shoes.

  2. this outfit is beautiful - the shoes are perfect with that dress! :)

  3. ohhh I love those shoes and that dress does match perfectly!! shoot, if I knew your shoe size, anytime you wanted to sell a pair a shoes just let me know and i'd buy lol


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