Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Seven - Not So Simple

Shoes: Turquoise floral 'Simple Minds' platforms Office

I had to retake all of today's images as I changed my mind about what I was wearing, dress, shoes and all! I'd already taken the photos, then decided I wasn't comfortable, so dug this dress out from last summer! Then I realised upon editing these images that my polka dot bra was shining through the dress-so I had to cut it out-I wasn't about to retake the images for the third time!

Wearing: Striped floral sundress, leggings and cardi Primark, belt Topshop.
Fit: True to size (mine are a size larger purely because it was all I could get my hands on). 6" heel and 1 1/2" platform, crossover straps with adjustable buckle.
Comfort: You have to be careful in these not to wobble and I suspect the strapping will rub at the heel.


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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