Thursday, 3 March 2011

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Nine - R U Guilty?

Shoes: Blue Guilty Pleasure ankle boots Irregular Choice

Until I started writing details on this blog of shoe sizing, I didn't realise how many shoes I owned that didn't fit properly! I used to be the perfect size 5 and anyone could've purchased shoes for me without me trying them on and they'd fit. That's not the case anymore and I'm not always blaming the slight growth in my feet for it. On rare occasions I've actually managed to fit a 4 or 7 (which is ridiculous) and I regularly switch between a 5 and 6 dependant on style and brand. It just shows the need for a more standard sizing in shoes, especially if like me, you purchase mostly online. I have to admit I'm guilty of sporadically buying another size purely because it's a good deal or I really want them and they are the only size in stock, like the pair today. My pink version are a 38 and very tight across my foot, so I figured when I bought this blue pair on eBay, a size 39 would fit ok. I certainly notice a difference in width for the better, although they are slightly too big everywhere else. Being that I only wear shoes for around 5-10 minutes most days, I'm sure my feet will survive!

Wearing: Dip hem floral dress ASOS, black leggings and waterfall cardi Primark.
Fit: 5" heel and 1 1/4" double platform, pull on. As I said above, a little too long in length but a much better fit for width and these are a size larger than I usually take.
Comfort: Easy to walk in with that chunky heel, didn't have any issues today.


  1. love the print of your dress!
    not sure i like the big turn-down cuff part of this style..glad they are comfy tho :)


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