Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 528 - Make A Choice

Shoes: 'You're A Star' Irregular Choice

Another outfit from last week and the final nail in the coffin for my hair. It's not been sitting right lately and I'm not sure why, I've also become incredibly bored of it in general. I can't even put my finger on it, whether it's the style or colour but usually when I get like this, I do something rash like completely change the colour or chop loads of. It was the latter that happened at the weekend. Given that I still have a couple of tubs of Atomic Turquoise left, it looks like I'm staying with this colour for a while, so I asked Mum to cut loads off. Unfortunately that means goodbye to the majority of purple on the ends, but it's refreshed me slightly. Still not entirely convinced this is enough of a change but it's certainly a lot shorter and will suffice for now. This dress I haven't worn before, but I found it's rather generously sized and I definitely needed a belt to pull in the waist (even if the waist is elasticated), looks like my little bit of weight loss recently has finally become apparent.

Wearing: H by Henry Holland at Debenhams polka dot dress, swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, tan belt (off my black/red dog print dress) H by Henry Holland, grey knitted tights Primark.
Fit: True in length but quite tight across the foot (a couple of hours wear with really thick socks sorted that out). Heel almost 4". Come with detachable shoe clips-I wore the bows, to the side.
Comfort: My only concern is the shoe clips can dig in depending on where you wear them, I initially had the bows on the centre front, but found them too uncomfortable as there isn't much room and the metal clip jags into your skin.

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  1. Love your hair! I always loved mint colors ^___^
    Cute bow detail at those pair of pumps!



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