Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 524 - Cherry Berry

Shoes: Green 'Shimmy' Irregular Choice

Been a complete waste of a day today! I'm shattered after yesterday and so I'm still sitting in my jammies! This was yesterdays outfit and I'm guessing I was maybe trying to get into the Christmas spirit subconsciously with all the red and green that was going on, for my Christmas shopping trip. I never think I suit red if I'm honest and really don't wear bright colours like this on my lips (it's more a bright cherry pink than red). I also don't like that the green on my dress is a completely different colour from the dark green shoes and bag I used, but oh well, never mind! I could've used a little extra padding under-foot in these shoes, the balls of my feet were hurting so bad after a while.

Wearing: Cherry print prom dress Red Herring at Debenhams, black leggings, cardi, coat (not shown), green croc bag (not shown) all Primark, cherry brooch on hat, fox ring and horse ring all Miss Selfridge, bunny ears ring Topshop, hat-gift.
Fit: Feel a little small. Difficult to measure this diamond shaped heel, but to the first point it's 5"
Comfort: Not too bad, but as I said needs more padding under the ball of your foot.


  1. Oh this outfit really spreads out a Christmas aura!I'm always fascinated by IC's diamond heel. What a lovely design!
    I discovered your blogs recently! And I fell in love immediately! Your shoe collection is really impressive and you've got a good taste! It's really fun reading these posts!

  2. Hi !
    I love your blog ! Your collection is amazing !!!
    I'm a shoeaholic too but I don't have as many pairs as you do.
    Please come and see my blog : FaNatiK Créations.
    Thank you ;)


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