Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Day 519 - Totally Turquoise

Shoes: Teal 'Graphic Geek' Irregular Choice

This was a bit of a lazy outfit, but one that worked really well. I spotted these shoes sitting on the floor (still waiting to go back into their box after their last outing) and this dress was hanging on the wardrobe door right above it and the colour match was absolutely spot-on perfect. Although I tend to be reasonably well colour coordinated, I'm never quite matchy-matchy to this degree with my eyeshadow and hair tying in too, but it was a nice, simple outfit that's very comfortable to wear and both pieces are likely to be worn lots throughout autumn/winter.

Wearing: Teal lace dress Chloe Madeley for George at Asda, black leggings and horse print scarf Primark, leopard belt Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: I always size up on split-toe styles. Heel just under 4".
Comfort: No issues with these once your toes are comfortable in the right position.


  1. It's absolutely my favourite colour! I adore this outfit!!!

  2. Lucky those shoes know how to pick the perfect dress :P

    The color works, darling ^_^ Those shoes are a deff. to-die for! Jealous! ;D ~

  3. Beautiful dress, the colour is lovely! Love your eye makeup as well, very pretty all over!



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