Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 506 - Wrap Around

Shoes: 'Goa' studded bow sandals River Island Design Forum (Sophia Grace)

A little later than usual today and I apologise for not managing to post anything yesterday. My parents are off on their first cruise and so my my sister and nephews popped round to see them yesterday and I just didn't get a chance to go out. My nephews are absolutely hilarious, I was in stitches at the things they were saying and doing. The middle one has inherited my temper and he was so funny, huffing and crying because he did something wrong on his DS game. He's three! The eldest is going on 15, suuuch an attitude, but in a comic way which I appreciate (I swear he does it to see if he can wind me up). I can't believe a 4 year old can have such sarcasm in the tone of his voice! Not really sure what my hair is doing today, it's haaaauge. These shoes are absolute ankle breakers, although I found you can walk quite rapidly so long as you take lots of small secret there ; ) Oh and I did a 'Sienna/Stella/Whoever else' and wore the straps over my leggings...fashionista that I am, darlings! Oh (again) I found the perfect, most excellent camera today, half price too, then realised it needs batteries and I prefer one I can recharge...the hunt goes on and the crappy phone photos continue!

Wearing: Floral button-through dress, black leggings and cardigan all Primark.
Fit: True to size, adjustable buckle. 5 1/2" heel and no platform, let's all say 'ouch'!
Comfort: I suspect prolonged periods would be agony with that heel but there's no issues of rubbing or anything else with them.

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