Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 511 - Too Cool

Shoes: Black patent ankle boots Kandee

A bit of a rushed post today recycling a couple of images from when I last wore this dress. I've just been really busy today (cleaning, would you believe?) and didn't have time to take the usual photos. You won't be able to find these boots on the Kandee site and as far as I know there's no plans to produce them, this pair were a sample. Pretty cool huh? I ended up not going anywhere in them though because it started raining. I've been saying this all week, but it was freakin' freezing today! I wore a long sleeved top underneath this and a cardigan and was still cold.

Wearing: Polka dot dress New Look, black leggings and cardigan Primark.
Fit: I usually require a size larger in Kandee heels. Very skinny 5 3/4" heel and 1 1/2" concealed platform.
Comfort: I'm just waiting for that heel to snap in half, haha!


  1. eek, have you had (m)any heels snap on pairs of shoes / boots? i remember almost crying over my favourite ever pair of shoe boots, when i was rushing down the main hill in town, got the heel caught in between one of the cobbles and tripped and managed to crack both of the heels. i have never been able to find any more of them on ebay since :(

  2. d'aww, they definitely look like rainy day boot(ies) too. You oughta try it out sometime~

  3. Char-Oh jeez, nightmare! I just don't feel very 'secure' in this pair, they feel a bit fragile. I've broken heels only twice, years ago. I was walking back from Uni through this industrial estate (lots of loose stones) and just felt this crack and it was quite a chunky heel (but cheap shoes) and it snapped the heel in half-I had to hobble on tip-toes home! Then the worst time was on Christmas day on the way to church in leopard print Karen Millen shoes which had like a cigarette for a heel and it snapped clean off. I started crying in the street because I loved them, haha, then had to run back home and change! KM were great and got the heel fixed for me after much stress because they were going to get me a replacement shoe from Manchester but the shop was flooded and those shoes got ruined!

    chipsHH-they do! Will defo give them a go at some stage.


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