Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day 507 - Shimmer & Shine

Shoes: Blue glitter 'Elevated 3 Strap' Vivienne Westwood & Melissa via Shoeaholics

Just as I was about to compile this post last night (didn't get anything done during the day for watching Dr Quinn-it was soooo exciting) anyway, I hear a thud from upstairs then what I can only describe as hysterics from my little sis. There was a spider, the size of a tarantula in her room and she was trapped with only me for help (seriously, you know I'm terrible with the weensiest of spiders, eeep). My sis is a strong wee thing and not one for drama or crying or anything, so it was upsetting to see her like that, she was almost sick she got so worked up, she was just beside herself as she'd already tried to kill it twice and missed. Thankfully I'm good at calming and reassuring and after 2 hours we (she) got (and killed) the spider. Phewee! Unfortunately it was in a difficult place to catch and we'd thought about every possibility (even moving the stuff she needed for a couple of days out of the room until my brother in law could come to help), so we just had to wait until it came back out. I was almost at the stage of going outside to see if any random could help, we were that desperate! Anyway drama over and hopefully that's the last of the beasties while Mum and Dad aren't here (although in saying that she had one exactly the same size the day earlier so who knows?). My day was shot after that, I just settled down with a cup of tea and watched the US X Factor....and breathe ; ) Oh and about these shoes, how freaking fabby are they? I got them for a steal from Shoeaholics a little while ago and they look blue indoors with sparkles, but outside they were so purpley and they turn in the light, they're amazing, I love them.

Wearing: My gorgeous blue polka dot tea dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, spotty tights Evans, boat print hair scarf Primark.
Fit: A little snug. 4" heel and adjustable buckles.
Comfort: No issues with these.

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  1. *flailz* ADORABLE SHOES!

    Almost looks like a similar pair I owned before, but those are so much more sparkly~


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