Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Day 499 - Irregular Choice Special #26

Shoes: Black spotty 'Mo Money Mo Heel' Irregular Choice

I'm here, hello! I didn't want to leave you completely post-less after my camera broke and I forgot I had my trusty 2mp camera phone to help out-"quality" as the neds say! Turns out the best picture I took (above) has my finger mid-way across the lens, it's going to take practise to get used to the open phone, strange angle, lens in the corner thing (and trying to press a button on the other side) when I'm so familiar with my real camera for this. Anyway, the quality is pretty crap, but you get to see my outfit and more importantly the shoes, so it'll work for now and for some reason it's much easier and quicker to edit these pics than the 'real' ones which seem to require more touching up! Plus I can take 'in-mirror' outfit shots that I can't with my camera because it either reflects the flash or is too dark or shaky without (and you get to see my messy room in the background, haha). After spending an entire mind-boggling morning researching digital cameras, I think I've got a couple of possibilities, so hopefully I'll scrape together some money for one soon.

Wearing: Black and white polka dot peter pan dress New Look, cardigan (not seen) and black leggings Primark.
Fit: Run a little large, platform just over 2", heel just under 6". I personally never have to adjust the buckles to get them on and off.
Comfort: Due to the weight they slip off the heel when walking which can impact your flow until you get into a routine, they also rock (like clogs) which is strange to begin with.


  1. What a daring style of boot you have today! ;O
    Has to be be the most amazing boots you have to date, and it snuggles into your wardrobe perfectly! I'm dearly jealous for them~
    Very nice boots, and a cute dress you have on as well (o^_^o)

    p.s. Such cutesy toesies you have! Haha

  2. Love that dress, polka dots are great. Thats a lot of fun stuff in the background.

  3. chipsHH-thanks. the boots are very heavy all that solid wooden wedge heel and all. I always think they are one of the ugliest items of footwear I own...yet somehow they work!

    pinktutu72-Love polka dots too! Eek, hope you can't properly see all the crap lying around!

  4. Where on earth did you find those jems?!?! Ive been looking all over and can't fine them. I need these in my life.

  5. I got them a couple of years ago online from Irregular Choice.


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