Thursday, 6 October 2011

Irregular Choice Special: Your IC's Week 3

Ok, so this has partly been my fault as I've been a little stretched for time over the past couple of weeks and haven't really advertised that I needed more of your shoe pics. However Char sent images a couple of weeks ago and again last week along with Veronika and rather than make separate posts, I've just put them together here. Seeing as I'm keeping up the IC challenge until this weekend, there's going to be one last chance for you to take pics wearing your IC's and how about I put the post up on Sunday instead of Friday? Seeing as I haven't given you much notice. I'd love to get as many people in the post as I can, so send them in...details on how to do so by clicking the banner above.

I'm pretty cold just looking at these outfits-I can't believe I was sweltering last week and now it's freezing! First up Char of T*Rexes and Tiaras in her ribbon 'Disco Heaven' courts
blue spotty Diplo Betty wedges
and the pretty swan paisley shoes.
Veronika of MsVeve wore her bright lime Scottie Dog courts which I keep meaning to buy.
Looking lovely as always, thanks girls!

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