Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 516 - It Shouldn't Happen Like That

Shoes: Black croc 'Barrs' Aldo

Got my hair bleached today and been wandering around the house in jammie bottoms and high heeled shoes in preparation for Sunday, not a good look, heehee! This outfit is from Thursday, the dreaded day which took 3 attempts to get through to Dundee, simply because I needed to return a dress. Five blooming hours it took and I'm in a great deal if pain because of it-I hate when things don't go to plan. Anyway, thankfully I had on my old faithfuls that are super high but super comfy. It was milder that day but I still wasn't brave enough to go in leggings and bare feet, so I popped on these little sock things for some warmth. I actually ended up wearing sunglasses most of the day but with my winter hat on too, don't you just love Scottish weather?!

Wearing: Black jersey dress Ruby Rocks, leggings, key necklace, bee ring all Primark. Hat gifted, brooch my Granny's, grey tights/socks gifted, pearl ring gifted, flying unicorn ring and wolf ring Miss Selfridge, other ring ?
Fit: True to size, back zip, elasticated strapping, almost 5" heel.
Comfort: So easy to walk in and comfortable.


  1. Not sure if you will get this...and I hope you receive this in the spirit in which it is offered...

    You are very pretty, you have lovely small feet and great fashion sense with an artistic flair. LOVE your shoes. LOVE them. And the blog is addictive!

    But here it is...
    You must, you must get your feet into trainers, even if it takes a bit of practice, because your feet will suffer damage if you do not. Plus your body type suggests a tendency toward weight gain. I understand you cannot walk in flats anymore and this is so unhealthy! You MUST walk regularly in flats to rebuild and re-align your feet, back and hips. You are still young and have plenty of time to treat your feet well and get more fit in the process.

    A gym membership or whatever there is in your area that would help facilitate this - it would change your life and it would be the cost of a few pairs of shoes.

    Less weight on your frame is healthier on feet that wear high heeled shoes. Even a few pounds less makes a profound difference to the condition of the feet.

    No matter how amazing the shoes are, they WILL damage your feet if you don't wear flats regularly.

    Take care ~

  2. I'm not quite sure in which 'spirit' the comment was intended Anon, but I doubt you had any consideration for my feelings or anyone else reading this and merely wanted to stir up some trouble or force your opinions onto me. None of which are particularly welcome on my blog.

    Wearing flats or heels has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of exercise I get/should get, how healthy I am or whether or not I'll put on weight. It's absolutely none of your business what I weigh, why I'm that weight or whether I want to lose or put on any, none at all. I do not appreciate you making assumptions about my body type, especially when you've got it completely wrong. You certainly should not jump to conclusions about why another person looks like they do. For your information, I've been ill for 10 years and am disabled. I don't think my wheelchair cares whether I'm wearing heels or flats and it's a struggle for me to walk any distance, no matter which shoes I'm wearing. The gym is not an option for me and quite frankly I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than go there, even if I wasn't ill. It most certainly would not 'change my life' or perhaps it would, for the worse.

    Thankfully I am happy enough that I do not care what narrow minded people think. You think I'm too fat? I shouldn't wear heels? It actually only spurs me on to do the opposite! Thanks for taking the time to comment and remain anonymous.


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