Thursday, 6 October 2011

Day 501 - Irregular Choice Special #28

Shoes: Brown fringed 'Saturn' Irregular Choice

Oh what a horrible day, it's proper winter! I decided to get ready to go out just as the weather turned nasty, cue torrential rain and strong winds. I was considering just staying in my jammies, but then it cleared up a little so I did get out, although it was still bitterly cold. Every time I wear this dress I say it's too big, so you'd think I would get rid of it, but I kinda like it and it's really comfortable to wear. It looks better with a belt although it has this strange ruched section around the waist, which just adds unnecessary bulk and looks tupid with a belt over the top, you can see it bulging in the photos below (and that's not the size of my stomach in the 1st outfit pic, it's the dress hanging!). Shoes are lovely, very comfortable, don't really get to wear them enough as they are quite hard to style.

Wearing: Purple, pink and olive dress ASOS Curve, brown pleated belt (taken from a dress) Primark, brown floral tights gift, top worn underneath dress, cardi and zebra head scarf all Primark.
Fit: Run slightly large (not enough to go down a size), 4 1/4" heel and small concealed platform.
Comfort: Very comfy and easy to walk in.

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