Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 497 - Irregular Choice Special #24

Shoes: Green 'Low Level Danger' Irregular Choice

So I wore my new shoes yesterday to go and pick up my glasses. Then Mum and I decided seeing as the ice-cream shop wasn't too far we'd pop in there too. Scoopy Snack! Yum! Anyway, I was getting frustrated that I couldn't see my flashing lights as I walked, given that they're underneath and behind you really. I don't know how many times I asked Mum 'are they working?' and stamped my feet! They obviously were though because of the non-stop staring, mostly from men I might add! Perhaps it's because they like the mechanics of them or is that ridiculously sexist of me? Three little boys in the ice-cream shop sat, mouths wide open until their Mum explained that they were admiring my hair and shoes, cue 10 more minutes of staring, making me somewhat uncomfortable, heehee. Anyway, I wanted to capture the lights on camera if I could, but I was almost bruised from tapping one foot on the other and trying to snap the perfect shot each time. I eventually ran out of patience and decided that between the daylight and camera flash, you weren't going to see the lights anyway. I think they are on in the image below believe it or not. About the sizing; first up I didn't think they would fit, but the second time on they felt much roomier. I did feel them sometimes slipping off my heel when walking due to the weight of everything in the heel. There's two different stud fastenings though, so you could put it in the smaller setting to hopefully counteract that.

Wearing: Floral dress Dorothy Perkins, bow cardigan New Look, black leggings, green croc bag, pearls (not shown) and key ring all Primark, flower ring Miss Selfridge, long ring Topshop.
Fit: True to size, double stud placement, 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. omg they sound amazing - i always wanted a pair of trainers with lights in the soles when i was younger, so maybe this is why i need some of these so bad! :)

  2. Such adorable shoes!
    I'd love the attention, from the flashing lights alone ;D Love 'em~

  3. Oh they look tons better on than in the pics! I love love love that cardi and your flower ring is so pretty. Well put together as usual :)


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