Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day 500 - Irregular Choice Special #27

Shoes: Teal suede 'Graphic Geek' Irregular Choice

Wowee, I didn't realise it was Day 500 today or else I would've celebrated with a super special pair of shoes! I'm getting the hang of using my phone to take photos, even managed a couple of face pics today. I haven't worn this dress for at least a year because it's usually rather tight, but as I've lost some weight recently, it feels much more comfortable. Hands up who loves that adorable cat print!

Wearing: Cat print shift dress Limited Edition at New Look (old), black leggings, cardigan and scarf Primark.
Fit: I always size up on split toe styles and it usually takes a few attempts to get your toes all comfortable and in the right position. Heel just under 4".
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. EEEK! Gorgeous,these are,as are you!:)

  2. Adorable!
    Think I fell in love with the way the shoes are made! Sooo cutee!~

    (Need more shoes like those...)

  3. Those split toes look so odd! I don't think I've seen them ever really before I started reading your blog. I love that dress it's so cute. <3 your doll collection in the background :)

  4. Oh the memories. I ordered a pair like this with the split toe but with star print, from Japan before they were available here. I wore them once and I think they were the most horribly uncomfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn.
    I'm just casually stalking back on your blog posts trying to find out the name of a pair of ICs - yellow with fruit on them.

    1. I remember the star ones! Yesh I always size up on split toes otherwise they are crazy uncomfortable! Gosh I know exactly the pair you mean, Schuh probably just called them 'Fruity/Fruit courtesan' but I'm sure they had a proper name.


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