Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Day 505 - Something Simple

Shoes: Turquoise floral 'Simple Minds' Office

After feeling pretty bleugh these past few days, I felt quite nice today! Sometimes when I just do simple makeup it works much better than dramatic eyes or lips (even if I do have a huge spot on my cheek! It looks like a beauty spot though, so that's ok). I'm also wearing a dress I've never felt comfortable enough to wear before. The style is very slim and straight, but now I've lost over a stone since buying this (yet another pound this week, woohoo), it felt comfortable. I wasn't very keen on the styling of it though. You know how you have certain items you would or wouldn't wear with tights and certain shoes you'd do the same with, I just felt like this dress should be worn with bare legs (but it's far too cold for that). I have the perfect colour of Lady Dragon shoes (turquoise with bright coral heart) to go with it, but it all felt too matchy matchy, so I opted for these floral platforms instead. It worked ok, not my favourite look though.

Wearing: Beige floral shift with bow belt Bravissimo, nude heart tights and black cardigan Primark.
Fit: True to size (mine are a size larger purely because it was all I could get my hands on). 6" heel and 1 1/2" platform, crossover straps with adjustable buckle.
Comfort: You have to be careful in these not to wobble and I suspect the strapping will rub at the heel.


  1. Amazing shoes :) they're beautiful. Love your hair too, as always!!

  2. Still such a cutie! As well as the dress and shoes~

  3. I love the shoes of course!! And the stockings are cute too


  4. Those shoes are gorgeous! I adore the little bow on that dress and you look like a pretty dessert as usual :)

  5. This whole outfit is beautiful! I love the dress, i have never thought to look at bravissimo clothes. i really wish i'd managed to get mu hands on a pair of these shoes as well!

  6. Amazing. I love the tights & shoes combo it's so pretty!

  7. These shoes are stunning!! How did we miss them?! JS xx


  8. Hello. I am Lexy. I have a question. Where did you buy these shoes? I totally love it!!! I found them on the internet, but I found nothing T_T ...Could you send me link or something? I will be grateful. Thank you so much and have a nice day n_n

  9. Sorry Lexy, these shoes are a couple of years old now and no longer available from Office. Trying eBay would be your best bet!


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