Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 797 - I Don't Know The City But It Ain't Home

Shoes: Blue Blythe boot Irregular Choice 

This was my outfit yesterday, I didn't get time to finish the post at the time.  I love these boots; I love the Blythe dolly on the sides and the actual style of boot, but I don't think they're the most flattering on me as they kinda hit my leg at it's widest point.  After the hassle of retrieving them from the 'shoe mountain' previous to yesterday; they were getting worn regardless!  Likewise, I love the skirt of the dress, but the top is supposed to be loose fitting I think, but being larger busted and this being a 'boutique' brand dress, I'm surprised it fits at all and so it is a little different to how it would look on the 'correct' size.  It's comfortable anyhow, but again maybe not flattering.  So all in all, not my fave outfit, but I did like my makeup and hair that day, so it's not all negative ; )

Wearing: Print dress Cutie, black belt taken from another dress, leggings and coat Primark, cardigan Bonmarche.
Fit: As there's no zip, I bought a size larger for ease getting on and off, the foot is a little big but I don't think my heel would get past the ankle section otherwise. Heel just under 4 1/2".
Comfort: No issues other than they're a struggle to pull off!


  1. Those are the cutest boots ever! I wish I could pull something like that off but I would look daft! I bought some nice shoes in monsoon sale today-probably a bit tame for you though lol. A pair of black patent mary janes and a blue satin peep toe pair with black sequins. I have nothing to go with the blue ones but they were too pretty to resist lol. keep posting-I am addicted to your blog! x

    1. Thank you, hope you get on well with your new shoes x

  2. Hiya!
    Wow what a great blog! What girl doesn't love shoes i'm so glad i came across you :)
    I actually read your comment on Kezzie's blog about facebook and taking a step back and i'm pretty much feeling the same way, i've just posted on my blog about it all.
    This outfit and those boots are lovely!
    The colour of your hair really suits you too!


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