Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 804 - Now Let Me Show You The Shape Of My Heart

Shoes: Black croc 'Barrs' Aldo 

My goodness I'm tired today!  I don't know why because I slept until at least half ten this morning! I feel like I've been drugged, I literally can't keep my eyes open....oh dear!  I also spent the day getting ready to go out and timed it just when the downpour of rain/sleet/snow started!  Then when it stopped, the pavements looked slushy and slippy and I thought, there's no way I'm going out in that with ordinary shoes on as I'll just fall over!  So then I spent the afternoon battling to stay awake, yawn!  You're therefore the only people that get to see this outfit.  Wow! See you tomorrow if weather permits; I'm away to eat a Cadbury's Flake for some energy ; )

Wearing:  Grace lace skirt Swan by Clements Ribeiro, Barbie chiffon top Miss Selfridge, mustard tights Primark, cardigan Bonmarche.
Fit: True to size, back zip, elasticated strapping, almost 5" heel.
Comfort: So easy to walk in and comfortable.

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