Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 807 - I'll Be Your Shoulder When You Cry

Shoes: Nude party face 'Sophie' Topshop 

Ok, so I'm sure you'll appreciate my honesty when it comes to shoes and how easy (or not) they are to walk in and how comfortable they are, even although it could perhaps be subjective as to what you are used to yourself. If we were scoring though, this pair sadly wouldn't make a 'pass' in anybodies book! It's sad because they are so freakin' cute and I've wanted Topshop to make a pair like this since I first spotted their lovely flats a couple of years ago with pearl ankle strap and little cutesy face on the front. I've already chickened out of wearing these once before and even took them off again today, before changing my mind again to putting them back on. It was torrential rain too, so I didn't think they were the most appropriate for that and I couldn't decide if I should even bother going out at all. The rain got lighter and I thought 'what the heck', got the shoes back on and tentatively stepped outside. Our front path is sloped slightly which never makes me feel very safe even in the 'best' of shoes and I could feel the eyes of the cute kids in the house opposite who've developed a bit of a fascination with me (to the point that their Mother sometimes takes photos of me because she and I quote, thinks I am 'so cool' and worse yet actually told my Mum she does this??!), so I was praying I wouldn't slip in front of an audience! I made it along the road a little bit (taking very small steps and concentrating like mad) and have to admit I did actually feel quite stable on the shoes, but had I stepped on a stone or uneven slab and I'd have probably been a goner! The rain got heavier by this point and I was met with a river across the pavement of dirty flood water coming down off the fields (so strong it had it's own current) and I sort of stood pathetically doing the 'so deep I can't get over it, so wide, I can't get round it' thing and sheepishly turned back for home! Probably about half the walk I usually manage (and the full walk itself is pretty pathetic), but boy was I glad to get in and get these off my feet! They nearly broke me and I like to pride myself on managing any kind of heel. Not these! Think they might be relegated to sitting pretty on a shelf!

Wearing: Black lace bow dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, black tights and coat Primark.
Fit: I found my regular size too small because your toes struggle to sit flat in the vertical shoe, so I sized up. Heel 6 1/4" and 1 1/2" platform, adjustable buckle on strap.
Comfort: Aching arches, feet froze because of the angle they were at, maybe not even limo shoes!


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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