Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 798 - Found Myself In The City Near Piccadilly

Shoes: Peach 'Take A Bow' Irregular Choice

I cut my hair yesterday (aside from my fringe because I just cut that a week or so ago). It's not been sitting right recently, it's usually fine the first day then terrible after that and I don't like washing it a lot because it takes out the colour quicker. So I thought I'd cut the ends off (well more than a few inches). Nobody was home and I thought I'd just go for it myself (the forward ponytail thing wasn't going to work because I needed a lot off the longer sections). So I chucked it in a low ponytail and pulled the hair band down and used it as guide to rest my scissors against and just snipped it straight off! I don't have much hair so I can do that sort of thing. On both sides at the front, those sections seemed longer than the back, so I just used my eye to snip them off to even it out. No precision here! It's short, very short, but I like it (maybe won't be saying that once I get it curled and it's even shorter). Mum wasn't too happy when she came home as apparently she likes it longer...oops! Anyway I'm bleaching it today and getting it coloured again on Tuesday. I'm doing it dark again because the colour has lasted sooo long (despite oodles of colour coming out each wash) and had it not been for the fact I have the funeral next week, I would've left it like this even longer because it's really just faded to the colour it normally is when I colour it turquoise (so it's still pretty and the roots aren't too noticeable). Quick note on my outfit; had the dress for ages after falling in love with that print, not totally sold on the peachy colour though. The lovely studded tights barely covered my ass (fine size in the legs), so after some discomfort I decided to switch to leggings for my walk, pity because the tights are lovely.

Wearing: Eiffel Tower dress Dorothy Perkins, studded tights and coat Primark, cardigan Bonmarche.
Fit: True to size, just over 4" heel.
Comfort: No probs with these today.


  1. Super cute shoes and outfit!
    Your fringe looks lovely too, gd job :)

  2. Your hair suits you at that length - it looks lovely. The dress and shoes are fab too.

    1. Thanks Andrea, it's unusual for me to leave it straight!


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