Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 793 - I Know You Knew That If We Did Do This, It Would Be An Affair

Shoes: Black suede 'Diamontina' Irregular Choice 

Double post coming your way; first up is Sunday. I was pretty much going for simple and comfy with items I've worn loads of times before. I adore these boots; I'll never part with them. I love that they are plain enough to wear with anything, but feature that fabulous diamond shaped, statement heel; it's a nice added surprise. I couldn't access the full length mirror, so I've gone 'old school' with the 'mirror in my room' pics, remember those days?  I don't actually know how people survive without a full length mirror in their house-I need to check everything is ok (no skirt tucked into my knickers etc) before leaving the house!  I can recall at the Halls when I was at Uni, there were 4 'blocks' and only one mirror for us all.  Thankfully I was not only in the correct block, but the same floor as the mirror (and washing machines!).  I did manage to lock myself out of my room though; half dressed with two different shoes on, because I was deciding what to wear in front of that mirror and my door slammed shut.  That was an embarrassing walk to the janitors office!

Wearing: Dog print dress H By Henry Holland, black leggings, hat and coat all Primark.
Fit: True to size. Kinda difficult to measure this heel, but to the first point it's 5".
Comfort: Really comfy and you definitely don't feel like this is a 5" heel, easy to walk in too.


  1. The diamond statement heel is gorgeous. I like the contrast between the heel and the rest of the boot:)

    I once locked myself out in an even weirder situation:

    one of my ex-boyfriends lived in a flat where the toilet was in the hallway (each tenant had his own but it was in the hallway, strange I know, but old buildings had it like that). Anyways, one night I was staying over and we had been drinking quite a bit so in the morning the boy was passed out and he slept like a rock. Anyways, I needed to pee so in my PJs (a long shirt and knickers) went to the loo and just left the door ajar but the wind blew it shut. I banged and banged on the door but the boy was K.O. so didn't help. His neighbor was just coming home and he had left his keys in his flat so was calling his wife on his cell. We had the MOST AWKWARD conversation ever and shared a cigaret until I finally managed to wake up a friend of the boy's who was also staying over at the boy's flat who finally let me back in.

    In the end the story got a few laughs but I was mortified when I was stuck outside :) *he didn't have a full-length mirror either! :))

    1. Oh no!!! Cringe! Thanks for sharing that though, cheered me up ; )


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