Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 796 - We Gotta Find Peace And End The War On The Streets

Shoes: Navy and gold 'Can't Touch This' Irregular Choice 

As much as I love this dress, I had a hell of a time trying to find shoes to wear with it today.  Usually I would opt for bright pink or red as a contrast to the navy (with a bright belt too but couldn't find one), but it was raining so I didn't want my Topshop velvet cherry shoes or Miu Miu pink satin courts to get dirty.  I tried my little Blythe red ankle boots, but didn't think they looked right.  So next I decided to go for my Blythe navy boots that are longer.  Trouble is they were hard to locate and as I uncovered more and more boxes from the 'shoe-mountain' I realised we had serious subsidence trouble going on!  So next thing I know, I'm trapped in a corner completely surrounded by either furniture or shoe boxes up to my shoulders trying to sort the mess out and all with my good dress on and one shoe!  The boots looked terrible anyway as did another pair.  I was boiling by this point and almost at the point of taking the dress off and wearing the black floral one instead, until I spotted these shoes.  Not ideal (they don't elongate the leg and you need that with this hem length), but they did the job.  Or at least one shoe did, the other I couldn't find the darn hole for the buckle to go through-more frustration!  So I ended up with one loose shoe and a coat and scarf that didn't match my outfit, but that's another story!  All this for a half hour wear before I changed back into my jammies ; )

Wearing: Navy polka dot wiggle pencil dress ASOS, boat cardigan Peacocks, navy fleece lined tights, horse coat both Primark, tan belt taken from another dress.
Fit: Almost 4" heel, adjustable buckle. Snug fit but I opt for my regular size.
Comfort: My only complaint is it's hard to find the holes in the dark fabric for the buckle (it's also navy on the reverse of the strap).


  1. This is ever so pretty on you, Gemma, and I love the way you have paired it with those metallic shoes. I didn't comment on your previous post but I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your granddad, I hope you're okay xx

    1. Thank you Roisin, I'm doing ok, think it hasn't really hit me yet.


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