Friday, 4 January 2013

Day 791 - Living Out A Bag, But She's Glad For The Little Things She Has

Shoes: Black 'Regent' Vivienne Westwood

Pretty much an all-black outfit today. I'm trying to wear my pretty tights more often, because I have sooo many of them (you know once I've said this out loud, I'll be back in leggings). I recently sorted them all out and threw out the ripped pairs and was left with just under 100 pairs. Ridiculous! The problem is, I usually feel uncomfortable in tights as I like a waistband to sit up around my waist and hate 'rolling' tights or those that slip down onto my hips. With the exception of my House of Holland pairs, I buy them mostly from Primark and their sizing can be all over the place; so often the largest size is still too small (but you don't know that until you get them home). Fishnets however are far more comfortable than regular tights in my opinion, as there's much more room for negotiation!

Wearing: Black and cream crochet dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, star fishnet tights and spot coat Primark.
Fit: Snug fit, but I stuck to my usual size. Heel just under 4 1/2"
Comfort: Arches will ache after a while.


  1. I think I might have a pair of these tights around somewhere - I need to have a sort out of my tights as well, my sister gave me a huge bagful recently and I already have a ridiculous amount, so it's on the spring-clean list!

    1. I felt so good after I sorted all mine out, an OCDer would be proud of my neat little rows of tights!

  2. I have just like two pairs of "fancy" tights and usually just have normal black opaque tights - which I wear like all the time!

    Oh, how I hate when tights roll down. I have such a problem with this cause I'm 5'11''

    Loving the black and white combo! very elegant :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think the sizing of tights in general needs to be looked at, because they seem to be uncomfortable for a lot of people!


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