Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 651 - Got No Drink In My Hand, But I'm Wasted

Shoes: Black 'Toad In the Hole' Irregular Choice 

Slowly catching up on posts and fast running out of new angles to show you of these shoes!  They're becoming one of my most worn pairs and I had no idea I'd still be wearing fur-lined knee high boots in the middle of May, but there ya go!  Last Thursday was my third day of migraine-hell along with the toothache that had spread to the entire right side of my mouth.  It was also freezing cold and pouring with rain (the rain lasted an entire two days and nights without stopping once).  I wanted to stay indoors, wrapped in my fur blanket and watch trashy TV but had to go out to the dentist (turned out to be a wasted journey as she sent me away!).  This outfit was therefore rushed and based entirely around comfort.  I wanted to be warm and comfy and this is as 'casual' as I get!  I can't believe I managed to muster up a wee smile for you though!  Oh and yes, I'm wearing my glasses in the full-length shot, didn't even realise until I was editing the pics!

Wearing:  Black spot jersey dress Dorothy Perkins, scarf Fafi/MAC,  necklace River Island, frog, bunny, unicorn and fox rings all Miss Selfridge, cardigan and leggings Primark, glasses Prada.
Fit: True to size, inside zip, so no need to undo all the laces. Heel 4 3/4" and platform 1 3/4".
Comfort: No issues with these.

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  1. I was tidying up earlier and I found a silver unicorn ring from my early twenties which made me think of you!


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