Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 646 - Call Me Whatever Cos Your Words Don't Mean A Thing

Shoes: Taupe 'Grable' Miss L Fire 

I have news, I've bought a new camera!  I've been researching for months (since last October to be exact) and really didn't want to rush into something then regret it later.  For the past month I've 'upped' my investigations and was building a rather concise list of possible buys.  Every day my Mother asks "so, did you buy a new camera today?" and I could tell my sister was no longer happy for me to keep 'borrowing' hers.  So for the past 2 days I've been in my jammies solidly searching for a camera.  I ended up ruling out more than half my list because they used MicroSD cards and in the end took a complete different turn and bought a Nikon D3100 DSLR!  I had wanted one all along but couldn't bring myself to spend £400 on a hobby that to be honest I don't even think I'm particularly good at (although I need it for blogging).  I don't work, so £400 is a lot of pennies to me (and given that my brain correlates all monetary value into shoes, that could have been "a nice, classic pair of Miu Miu's"), but something in me decided I may as well go the whole-hog and get the best (or the best I could afford).  I'm crapping it now, that I don't know how to use it and after having a migraine for 2 days and spending literally a whole 2 1/2 hours yesterday morning trying to buy it (I'd already decided after sleeping on it that I'd go for that but trying to find the best deal was proving rather difficult), I would be quite happy if I never saw another camera again!  So anyway, this out fit is from the 9th which was...Wednesday and the last time I saw the light of day!  I got my hair done last night, as you can see here it was super pale and was all prepped for bleaching (hence the straightness).

Wearing:  Polka-dot dress H by Henry Holland, vest and belt (taken from dress) Primark, sunglasses ASOS, bird cardigan Dorothy Perkins, floral tights gift from Madeira.  
Fit: True to size, heel 4 5/8" platform 1 1/2", adjustable buckle on strap.
Comfort: Didn't have any issues with these.


  1. You look really nice here! I thought of you today as I found a lovely Henry Holland Peter pan collar sausage dog dress in the Debenhams sale rack!!! There's some really nice bits in the range at the moment!


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